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orchid events

Dhol Players

The beating of dhol is one of the favourite musical sounds for us. Throbbing sound of dhol pronounces happiness and considered auspicious. Why not add a traditional charm to your event with our energetic Dhol players? Orchid Events provides its in-house team of Dhol players for weddings, processions, stage performances, and other festive functions.

Dhol is a popular traditional instrument played to display festive mood during various functions and ceremonies. Whether it is a religious function or social or a private event, we provide a team of expert dhol players.

Our dhol players are proficient performers who play the dhol in group or solo as well play with the bhangra troupes. Our energetic dhol players will pull a crowd on the dance floor with the perfect rhythmic beating.

Orchid Events provides dhol players for various events and ceremonies like-

• Mehndi, haldi, and sangeet functions at the wedding
• Baraat welcoming ceremony
• Bride-Groom welcome ceremony
• Wedding ceremony
• Centre-stage performance
• Wedding receptions
• Outdoor events
• Processions
• Private parties
• Stage performances
• Corporate events
• Festivals
• Religious functions
• For playing live with DJs

All our dhol players are professional and well-experienced drummers. They know what beat suits the event and how to please the crowd.

If you want to add an ethnic touch to your ceremonies, call us for to provide professional dhol players. Our dhol players come in traditional colourful costumes with playful turbans on the head. All our performers are expert in playing the instrument with professional perfection. They will beat in different styles to make moves in Bhangra style or traditionally popular tunes.