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orchid events


Orchid Events brings exclusive event catering services to give your guests the most delectable servings. Catering is one of the most significant parts of every event. We are one of the best catering services in Jalandhar offering the ultimate dining experience to the guests.

The catering services of Orchid Events covers table decorations, buffet display, and everything that makes the dining convenient. Our catering team remains all ready to serve the guests with the finest experience at the event.

We have won praises from our clients for high variety in menus prepared with innovative styles and fresh and healthy ingredients. No wonder if you will taste some dishes for the first time at the events managed by Orchid.

Bespoke Event Catering

Orchid Events take feels proud of the array of menus it offers for various events. You can choose as per your preference or let us serve you the best. Right from Indian to Indo-Chinese, traditional Punjabi, Thai, and Lebanese, we have everything to satiate your taste buds. If your big event is having international guests, we design menus accordingly.

Our team consists of food and beverage manager, supervisors, executive chefs, and ground chefs. We have chefs hailing from different cultural milieu like Thailand, China, Dubai, India, and others. The catering services by Orchid are the only of its kind that fulfils needs of all the different cuisines.

Food we Serve

• Soups and starters
• Buffet
• Punjabi
• Chinese
• Thai
• Lebanese
• Continental
• Mexican
• Italian
• South Indian
• Street food / Bowl snacks
• Cold drinks
• Desserts
• Barbecue catering

If you have an idea of serving your guests with some special dishes, our bespoke catering has all the solutions. Our catering goes beyond just serving a set of dishes. We coordinate with our client to understand their preferences. What would they love to serve them? We obtain information about the nature of the event and make sure the food is perfect to match the taste buds of the guests. All the elements including the way of serving, table arrangements, furniture with linen, marquees, soft drinks, containers, and plates are only of the standard quality.