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orchid events


Orchid Events designs and plan out-of-the-box luxurious wedding events to deliver an ethereal experience to you and your guests. We are a prominent event planner specialized in high profile thematic events and stylish NRI weddings.

With great attention to every detail of the event planning, we work with great passion and rest follows. Creating seamless and impeccable events are our hallmark and we live up to our client's expectations in all aspects.

Orchid Events is a luxury wedding planner in Jalandhar also extending services in surrounding cities. We are passionate about serving the clients who are looking for world-class celebrations. Our luxurious events let you make your events glamorous and fun-filled. We have plenty of creative ideas to add a wow factor to your events. Being a team of highly talented and experienced wedding planners, we know what a high-profile wedding is made of.

Our bespoke event planning takes care of your precise requirements. Our team coordinates with you, understand your needs and expectations and plan a perfect tailor-made event. Be it a wedding or a large corporate event or any other important social event, we know how to make your functions spectacular.

Orchid Events works with a motive of bringing uniqueness to the events. Our planning and designing deliver beautifully decorated set-up with high standards in terms of ambience, illumination, catering, and entertainment.

We at Orchid Events believe that successful high-class events need flawless organization, management, and execution. That is why we have all the distinct talents in our team including organizers, designers, decorators, illuminators, make-up artists, dancers, choreographers, and singers. Right from start to finish, the events flow rhythmically in perfect sequence. As for the wedding, we design all the organize mehndi ceremony, sangeet ceremony, Jai Mala, wedding day party, reception, and other celebrations. We take extra care for welcoming the guests, the wedding couple reception, and stage decoration.

While we are event planners delivering services with international standards, we know all the essentialities of the Indian weddings. We are equally excellent in modern thematic wedding planning as well in designing royal traditional weddings. Right from extravagant and luxurious food to dance and music, all our events are packed with entertainment and beauty. The kind of events we plan will be a lifetime memory for you as well for the guests.

While we love to plan luxury weddings, corporate functions, and NRI weddings, we are also familiar with the spirit of Punjabi weddings. With culture and rituals at the heart, we design sophisticated weddings that will be an extra special for everyone present at the event.

Whether it is social or corporate or community event, we are all set to create extra special celebrations at very attractive pricing. With our all-inclusive event designing and wedding planning company in Jalandhar, you fulfil all your needs right in one place. Orchid Events serves you everything in the best way that keeps you relaxed during the celebrations. With us, you will be enjoying your event without any stress of managing and supervise food, guest welcome and guest hospitality, decoration, and all other necessities of the event management. Our team will take care of all your hassles until the event is through.